Why is Magor so focused on workflow?
Because Workflow is at the core of everyone’s productivity.

Workflow is a series of tasks leading towards a desired outcome and it commonly involves some form of collaboration between multiple people throughout the process.

As information and people become increasingly dispersed, video interactions can bring significant value to specialized workflows. Here are just a few examples:

Workflow Security Workflow Security Workflow Doctor Workflow Police Workflow Financial
The architect who needs approval from several groups on a redesign before the point of no return on a project The security control room officer who needs to convene rapidly with their team and discuss real-time and recorded surveillance video to assess the seriousness of a situation The MD who wants to review an MRI and a radiograph simultaneously with a specialist and engage “eye to eye,” while the critical decision is made The police officer who needs help because she just found new evidence and needs immediate confirmation The financial team that needs to review multiple spreadsheets on different computers across multiple countries to determine the viability of a complex transaction

Since video conferencing, by definition, is a scheduled conferencing workflow and assumes one person will present content at a time, users need to conform to this model when they interact with video, regardless of how they would prefer to complete the task.

Aerus inverts this relationship by providing the flexibility to adapt to any workflow. It empowers users to fluidly launch or plan video interactions of any kind as they move along the path to getting something done, without the need to stop and adjust to the capabilities of the technology.

Workflow Diagram

Two unique capabilities

The Aerus natural user interface gives users two unique capabilities that together provide the flexibility to support any workflow:

1. Add people

Regardless of the number of users involved in a session, anyone can come or go, giving users the ability to easily escalate as more people are needed, or drop off without the risk of disrupting the session for the remaining users.

Workflow Add People

2. Add resources

In an Aerus session, all users are free to share their collaborative information sources at any time. This enables multiple sources to be shared – concurrently – from any user throughout a session.

Workflow Add Resources

Aerus opens up new collaborative workflows for interacting with video by allowing anyone to bring in information as it becomes relevant and share as much of it as necessary.

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