The Aerus experience

The Aerus natural user interface lets you bring people and information together at the right time, allowing you to interact naturally so you can focus on the task at hand – rather than on the technology.

Fluid session access

Initiating or joining a session is easy.

Without the requirement of a conference owner, you have the flexibility to break into smaller groups, add more people, leave and come back when you want – or simply connect for a scheduled group meeting. It’s all up to you.

Whether you are starting an impromptu visual conversation or you are joining one already in progress, everyone involved enjoys the flexibility to access Aerus when they need to.

Learn about the enabling technology behind fluid session access.

Multi-source collaboration

Learn about the enabling technology behind the Aerus collaboration sharing model.

Access and share brilliant high-quality information when it's most relevant.

Aerus delivers a natural, simple and powerful means of empowering users to access and collaborate with the information sources at any time. This enables multiple sources to be shared – concurrently – from any user throughout a session.

Users can access and share laptops and pass keyboard and mouse control to other users if needed. Tablet screens, virtualized desktops, specialized cameras and interactive whiteboards can also be shared.

When information is brought into an Aerus session, the actual data remains in its original location – just the view of the content is shared. You always remain in control of your data.

Control your view

See who and what you need to see.

Aerus enables you to stay in control of your visual experience. You can enlarge who and what you need to see, and fade back what’s not immediately relevant – just as you if you were there in person.

As the natural flow of conversation shifts, you can change your point of view. Or just sit back and view everyone and all the information spread out in front of you. And no matter what you do to customize your experience, you won’t affect the view for anyone else. It’s all yours.

Learn about the enabling technology behind the natural user interface.

Web browser collaboration

Aerus Web Browser Collaboration

Learn about the enabling technology behind Web browser collaboration.

Extend Aerus across organizational boundaries to anyone with a standard web browser.

You can receive audio or video calls with Aerus from anyone, anytime — all they need is a WebRTC capable web browser, like Chrome or Firefox. Web browser collaboration is perfect for reaching external contacts such as customers, students, partners and clients to hold one-on-one presentations and small webinars.

Video with anyone

Even if they use a video conferencing system.

With Aerus, you can connect with your external contacts who use video conferencing or a web conferencing system with open standards, which means you can connect with whom you need to—when you need to. The experience for Aerus users is preserved when a video conferencing system is involved in a call. This provides Aerus users with the best possible experience, while seamlessly working with traditional video conferencing systems.

Aerus Video with anyone

Learn about the enabling technology behind interoperability.

The Aerus service

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